Education is messed up.

Students today learn to game the system, chase grades, and pad their resumes. Not to learn.

But some students are different. They learn what they want. They pursue curiosity, not status. But they don’t have the network of like minded people to discuss and learn with that they deserve.

Enlite solves that problem. We're building an online community for the exceptions: self-motivated learners who push themselves beyond what's required. Check out our manifesto here »

  1. Meet student makers and learners from across the world

  2. Explore and master new topics with workshops and presentations

  3. Stay accountable to your goals

Here's what we value

Build like crazy

We think building is the best way to learn. Whether it’s a blog post, a crazy hardware project, a jupyter notebook or a website- everyone in Enlite is excited about making things.

Be genuine

Learners in Enlite don’t join because they have to. They aren’t chasing awards and couldn’t care less about making a fancy resume. They aren’t learning to get grades, they’re here because they care.

Always Be Curious

Our members aren't constrained by what they already know- we're always interested in learning something new. Enliters chase wikipedia rabbit holes, binge youtube tutorial playlists and constantly share what they learn.

At the moment, we're keeping Enlite small.

If you're interested in signing up or want to keep up to date, follow us on Twitter » or sign up for our mailing list: